And I whisper softly

And I whisper softly

Youre welcome

Breathe lightly to transform please

This human heart flesh, breath and bone

Show me a way beyond whats my way

And within these times unfold

Fresh pathways through lifes mysteries

And guide this spirit home

Yahweh welcome.

For I am scrolling more, engaging less

Consuming by the score

While refusing to digest,

I see anothers flaws

And ignore the consequences of my choices

Youre welcome

Roll back my stone

Remake a home within me

Yahweh come

Whisper again

On winds of change restore me

For I whisper softly you’re welcome

Upon wings of change restore me

As inch by inch I move along

Sweet Love please run towards me.

And within Your pace unfold

Fresh pathways through lifes mysteries

And guide this spirit home

Yahweh come.

The more harm I do, the less calm I get

Wading through life’s courses

Immersed in living, I forget

How deep and wide your Loving voice is.

You’re welcome

Make me your song

Refresh and breathe within me

Yahweh come

Make me your home

With love filled hope complete me

My livin'
Yahweh come.

Yahweh has come

Before I whisper softly Yahweh comes.

Ya Zahir

Ya Muqaddim

Ya Batin

Ya Mawjud

Ya Zahir

step by step

always Now and ever Been

knocking from the inside

for the One loving Being

wave upon wave

form to crest to be unseen

Manifesting dissolution

In Loves flowing unity


All things unfold
Within Your time not mine
Giftings grown tall
From Your richness divine
There are some things I think
That now seem not quite right
Beyond the keep of sweet mercy
And Your deep loving light.

Maybe Yahwey’ can see
Every pulse in my soul
There are my ways to know
That I need not to know
High ways to feel
To flow in and receive
These new rivers of Goodness
Within each breath I breathe.

a new song in the making, appeared as I was walking to work today.

my daily prayer to this meandering small self

my daily prayer to this meandering small self

being beautifully fed, watered and grown from within the echo’s of Hazrat Inayat Khan (vol 7 p222 onwards), whose words encourage a deepening within One enduring, loving and forgiving Heart.

May my temperament be a negative temperament, resigned, perfectly resigned to the will of Love.

May i learn patience, confidence, endurance, tolerance.

May i carry my cross; be crucified a thousand times.

Ongoing in this life, may i know what Love is.

And as i already flow within the abundance of silent air

May i also rest my need to know.

Effacing myself may i smooth away my thougths of personality.

May i dissolve the rock and out of which become water.

May my way not be the hammer but of water, for the hammer breaks a rock, while water surrounds it and makes its way.

May my way give peace and comfort to those who come in contact with it.

May i heal and lift up those who are grasping in darkness, who are touching the depths of their earth.

May i develop love that one desires to see in our mothers and fathers and may that love be flowing towards every person, every soul.

It is not just a fable that the trees and the rocks speak, may my sympathy develop so i hear the rock and plant and tree.

Breathing for and with me, may we still.

Within this sharing breeze may roots enmesh, may Fragrances restore, refresh, awaken at our very core.

May nature open up before me.

May i communicate, wordlessly, with every form of life.

May it not be necesscary that i should leave this world, for whether in a forest or admist the worlds strife, the souls of human kindness are always capable of rising to great heights.

May i wish

desire beyond desire

move and immerse

this small self

within these waves and vibrations of Beloved Oneness

always and forever may we


so be it

let it be so


Delight-full darkness

In my despair you share

Great lessons in lessening light

When worry is all that i do

You empty Your Love

So to fill my soul full

That i may have eyes behind eyes i pray

That the womb of my heart

hears You clearly say.






Love lightly

spinning this world

Forest filled Breezes

Feathering Breath


sweetening Promise

Delight-full darkness.