love and deep beauty divine

Come now let Twelve deciphering bells

Chime loud for every tongue


Blue birds divinely shining their light

Feather angelic clear song


Sacred red roses un-bud one by one

Breathing for gardens un-kissed by Her sun


Ardent soft praises in breezes they hum

To sweeten this hunger for goodness to come


Rivulets massaging largesse of boulders

to nourish far borderland pamperless grass


Mountain framed distance move soothings to ocean

While silent deep delta lets sediment pass


In salts She’s absorbing, ebbing, restoring

Re-floating Loves glory from first berth to last.


Manna from heaven

Manner of god

Lover of all mankind

Manifold witness and

Womb of our heart

Manifest goodness and deep beauty divine.

Beyond my understanding

When I think on the thoughts around Godliness

Confusion can block me I confess

Unseeing belief is good for me I guess

But I don’t feel fine when my life’s a mess


God beyond my understanding

Personal, abstract or no name at all

Be my sweet DNA, ground my being

Love me completely, enlighten my way

Discretely please guide me so that I may


Fall, fall into Your opening arms

Fall, fall right down upon these knees

Call, call out now for Your loving balm

Restore me, renew me so I receive


You are the Name above all names

You are the word beyond my lone voice

You hear what I need before I  say

You chose to bequeath me my own choice


For You are the luminous great I AM

You shine Your light upon everything

Even when we choose to walk alone

You patiently wait to guide us back home

Yes you are patiently waiting to guide us home.

Childlike Children

Remembering past times

When our children had childlike

Free flowing bold confidence

Unknowing pure innocence

When no fear could constrain them

From sharing unearned gifts

Unseeing the suffering

Where the self critic lives.


Let us begin to believe how

We were once like this child

Let us reconnect right now

With the ease and the power

Let our life courses choose love

Let our voices ring true

Drain doubt from our sweet Hearts

Flooded completely in You.




Your Word and deed transforming me anew

As I kneel Your light comes shining through

Yeilding Beauty riven in your Fire

Melting Your Truth in this poor heart.


Gracious, Omnipotent, Love Divine

Revealing Your treasury in rhythm and rhyme

Glorious Oneness, Life Deity

From morning to sunset shine golden in me.


Your enlightenment is Heavenly

Kings and Queens bow and unfold in me

Planting beauty here within my heart

Your wisdom and mine will never part.


Your great beauty, golden like the sun

Shining deep in me, Your Kingdom is come.