All things unfold
Within Your time not mine
Giftings grown tall
From Your richness divine
There are some things I think
That now seem not quite right
Beyond the keep of sweet mercy
And Your deep loving light.

Maybe Yahwey’ can see
Every pulse in my soul
There are my ways to know
That I need not to know
High ways to feel
To flow in and receive
These new rivers of Goodness
Within each breath I breathe.

a new song in the making, appeared as I was walking to work today.

Delight-full darkness

In my despair you share

Great lessons in lessening light

When worry is all that i do

You empty Your Love

So to fill my soul full

That i may have eyes behind eyes i pray

That the womb of my heart

hears You clearly say.






Love lightly

spinning this world

Forest filled Breezes

Feathering Breath


sweetening Promise

Delight-full darkness.

The Seer, Sight and the seen

A chant inspired by Hazrat Inayat Khan.

The Seer the sight and the seen

Knower, knowledge and the known

Beyond all my homespinning reasoning

First second third within


Alpha to Omega

Beyond all my sunsets and most distant star

Easing in unification

Breathe in me lightly beloved one heart

When sitting, standing reclining

Adour in each and every breath

Essencing You in my living

Strong Tower, Will Power within humbleness

My speaking my hearing now leaning

Into compassionate wordlessness

Reaching towards my beginning

The wound in your side beating deep in my chest

Beat in our heart, our hearts our hearts

So empty so soulfully fill us with you

In every wave and vibration

So swimming the deep we discover anew

The Oceans of harmony sleeping forgets

Soaking those seeking for Beauties respect.

My very first day of covid, the battle is won!

From Hazarat Inayat Khan’s The Dance of the Soul (part of Ragas, pa147):

Let Thy wish become my desire

Let Thy will become my deed

Let Thy word become my speech, Beloved

And Thy love become my creed

Let my plant bring forth Thy flowers

Let my fruits produce Thy seed

Let my heart become Thy lute, Beloved

And my body Thy flute of reed.

and my ditty after this:

The battle is done

my heart is won

My Beloved and I

Sway as one

The battle is done

My heart is won

May my Beloved and I

Breathe as one.

I usta believe

I usta believe in the rise and the fall

Of my virtual share in computerful worlds

I usta to link all of the love in my  store

To good and bad fortune that knocked at my door

My belief was a thing, something close to my skin

A bling-ring that sparkled at arms length in spring

It would shine out so brightly as new summers begin

That I’d leave it for another as my cold winters drew in  

But now I am trying to live differently

In each breath I grow faith that so gracefully

You already fill me, and you constantly kiss me

That as you guide, love and lift me

Your all knowing self still finds time to forgive me.

Manna from Heaven

Manna from heaven

Manner of god

Manifold witness

Womb of my heart

Feather all my dreaming 

Give me your deep sweet beauty divine

Let me nest within your goodness

Soothe this tired weeping heart of mine.


During the daytime

I’m mostly tangling string

Responsibilites mine

In each and everything

No wonder when I lay down

I coil up like a spring

Lord I so need to unwind from

The knotted way I seem to think .


Blue birds they may shine

And sing from up above

But I seem to have no time

For their Angelic love

Worries of mine keep moving

I cant seem to keep up

Tied up I’m tired and drowning

In a world that never seems to stop.