Lace latticing window

Lace latticing windows

mist drifting rain

gust buffeting park-homes

encircled again

coastline veiled seagulls

specs flex and scream

as cliff-edge drench meadows

shock saffron and green.

Spirit Arise, ego descends

Spirit Arise, ego descends.

S    ens   e                         

p   raisin  g                         

i    nfern  o,                         

r     aise   d                          

i     nsid   e                        

t,   ouche s                        

A    ngeli  c                        

r    aptur  e                        

i              n                         

s     oile   d                        

e.    xces  s.       





S     olac         e

p     ulsin        g

i     ncognit     o,

r     eturne      d

i ncandescens  e

t,   ransform    s

A      cidi         

r      epos        e

i                      n

s       acre        d

e.      cho         s.


Presence perfect

formless beyond description

arisen upon descent

saving all-told from destruction

a presence that Perfection sent.



spreading laced veils before us

we smile and cry through our strife

mourning, while weal’s keep on turning

salt weaving the woundings of life.



borne high we stoop low for a season

to carry the wrong with the right

we weigh every load upon reason

just like beasts in the burden of night.



yet spirits smile silent upon us

sweet fragrances sent in the sky

even tides sway to know moonlight

ravines weep down steep mountainside.



eagles charm Light with their feathering

angel wings balm every soar

Love reigns to sooth with Her weathering

Life water flows deep in our core.

Breezes skim

Breezes skim

these heaves of people pleasing

fragile skin.

glancing Sun

entrances rays to gift

such warm embrace upon this

mistifying living haze.

ancient Presence dances sighs so

peacefulness un-creases thus so

dried-on earth-bound tears

deeply seep and future soothe  

untold and fearful atmospheres.

Fragrances in dampened clay

re-concieve to re-discover hidden ways to

sparkle golden unknown easefulness

rebirthed in ageless tender Breath.


Breezes breathe-in, pores steep to refresh.

Light breathing-out in wordless oneness.

Atmospheric perfumes of old

Hazrat Inayat Khan Vol VI p. 205

‘for the person who as attained to the mystery of Sadhana (detachment from worldly things) there is nothing in this world which cannot be attained, all is within his reach, his power, his grasp’

grasping beyond all that is spoken

transforming insides in complete

focussing tight rightly pray to be opened

by boundaries way out of reach.

find nothing and all in acorns so small

where both Beauty and horror is riven

thorns stemming foes as rosebud unfurls

perfumaries for the forgiven.

atmospheres calling unseen and untold

pure waters hydrating dryness of form

seedlings compost in saplings of old

returning to unfurl in soft streams of dawn.

Turning new leaves to:

re route this wait

enlighten fear through

unloosening gates

empty and clearing

without and within

actively resting

and as we refresh and uncling.