Childlike Children

Remembering past times

When our children had childlike

Free flowing bold confidence

Unknowing pure innocence

When no fear could constrain them

From sharing unearned gifts

Unseeing the suffering

Where the self critic lives.


Let us begin to believe how

We were once like this child

Let us reconnect right now

With the ease and the power

Let our life courses choose love

Let our voices ring true

Drain doubt from our sweet Hearts

Flooded completely in You.

Breezes skim

Breezes skim

these heaves of people pleasing

fragile skin.

glancing Sun

entrances rays to gift

such warm embrace upon this

mistifying living haze.

ancient Presence dances sighs so

peacefulness un-creases thus so

dried-on earth-bound tears

deeply seep and future soothe  

untold and fearful atmospheres.

Fragrances in dampened clay

re-concieve to re-discover hidden ways to

sparkle golden unknown easefulness

rebirthed in ageless tender Breath.


Breezes breathe-in, pores steep to refresh.

Light breathing-out in wordless oneness.

Wishing well

May foot steps lay light upon this precious earth

May meadows sprout sweetly within wakeful ease

May worries be welcomed with the warmest of smile

To join lip upon lip upon this evening breeze.

May quiet souls save us from amplified stress

May sharp words find stillness and suffering stall

May thoughts upon thoughts upon feelings and sense

Release, to float freely like leaves in the fall.

May conflict disperse upon in-flowing breath

May out-flows of love bathe tired worn torn flesh

May waves of abundance soothe and replete

While rays of vast darkness shine bright in our deep .