oiling Your palm


pausing I pour

 this way and that


i may disappear

within Your honeyed


fertile and pure


sweet pulsing elegance

in Grace-fuelled dhikr


soft green shoots of

Eastern Sun Light

 palm pressing fresh fruits

needing till ripe with

Great goodness seeping

through pulp, pith and kin

earthly distinctions

composting in Him.


the above was written in response to:

The Head of The Prophecy (6,21-8,27)

‘It is like a palm shoot whose dates dropped around it. It produced buds and after they grew, its productivity dried up.

It certainly would be good if you produce new growth now. You would certainly find it.’

Know Yourselves (12,17-13,25)


‘Be eager to harvest for yourselves a head of the grain of life that you may be filled with the kingdom.

Do not be proud because of the light that enlightens. Rather, act towards yourselves as I myself have toward you. ’

(quoted from ‘The secret book of James’  which is the first chapter in The Nag Hammadi Scriptures edited by Marvin Meyer published by Harper One in 2007)


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Night daze

Endarkenment immense

light glance this cliff edged firmament
these ocean thrusts and sweating spume
re-foam this cleaving cleft of discontent
sweet soak this night with Loves perfume
re-float this will-filled would entanglement
this hope-long-roped-on sophanes ledge
unclasped at last, to weep and flow within
your grace swathed Anchorage.

open the pores of my heart

‘Open the eyes of my heart, Lord, Open the eyes of my heart, I want to see you…..’
In recent weeks have been singing and humming this songs refrain over and over and slowly have realised there is more to be expressed….

Open the pores of my heart Lord

Open to pause in our hearts

Breathing Your love in me

Oneness and Unity.

Descending high and floating up

Feathers on the breath of Your glory

Filled with Your power and love

Our hearts cry

hold me, hold me, hold me

Holy Holy Holy

Wishing well

May foot steps lay light upon this precious earth

May meadows sprout sweetly within wakeful ease

May worries be welcomed with the warmest of smile

To join lip upon lip upon this evening breeze.

May quiet souls save us from amplified stress

May sharp words find stillness and suffering stall

May thoughts upon thoughts upon feelings and sense

Release, to float freely like leaves in the fall.

May conflict disperse upon in-flowing breath

May out-flows of love bathe tired worn torn flesh

May waves of abundance soothe and replete

While rays of vast darkness shine bright in our deep .