open the pores of my heart

‘Open the eyes of my heart, Lord, Open the eyes of my heart, I want to see you…..’
In recent weeks have been singing and humming this songs refrain over and over and slowly have realised there is more to be expressed, hence

Open to pause in Your heart Lord

Open the pores of my heart

Coming to Be, through me

Oneing to Be, wholly.

Hoping to pause in Your heart Lord

So open the pores of my heart

Coming to Be, through me

Oneing to Be, wholly.

Exchanging Light for burning up

I’m dancing in the flames of Your glory

Consumed in Your vulnerable Love

As we cry

Holy Holy Holy

Holy Holy Holy

As we sing

Holy Holy Holy

Submerge in

Holy Holy Holy.

Wakefulness begun

St Therese to chaplain Piere Belliere, in 1897,
a few months before her death at age 24:

I am not dying, I am entering into life.

Wakefulness again begun.
Bleeding free upon glimpsed shards of Luminous trust
that mysteriousness between this and this
sensational suffering mind.


quietly wake to still
this and this constantly re-fining will
re-fuel oneself to wait upon

that still small Voice

that Glittering Jewel

that active, in-active othering choice
to re-ignite in blessed hoped for souls renewal
by sinking-in ankle deep
that Ground grown moist
from leakages of wonton wounds and size nine feet


to stretch those tiny toes deeply deep
into that oozing boiling balm
that heated hopeful weight full ness
immersions that convert alarm to dozing daze and waits to be
replenished and be-calmed in fertile fires and shining mists
of Love and Grace said to exist beyond this and this
pre-occupied pre-possessed never ended re-positioning of grasp and cling to
flesh and bone and time and test.

Strengthened in Life (version two)





the Weh

is at hand






Yah guide

the voice



for when


joy fills

the lungs







anxieties fall




Love Be-stills all.


On the pure:



For the just:



Praise both:

 Noble and True


Give thanks for:



With the Loveless:



and with all good report



I say twice


and Be strengthened in



After Philippians V4: 4-13