Isolating with Sidney (for the record it’s a stay at home poem)

Sitting here with

Sidney Bechet
24th Mai
Redez-vous Club.
Him and me
in my 1950 Philadelphie
a surprised sigh
yearns for the clink and clatter
and the slightly pickled
muffled laughter that,
only this January,
disturbed the clarity
of the great vinyl
spinal tingle
That is you

You see, with this distortion
in mind
I contort to
send my ears beyond this
long gone Jazz friend.

Now surprised
as I say
in my noticing in
my deepening reluctance
to let it be ‘just one of those things’
those social gatherings
that syncopate
brilliantly only
to end too early

I decide I need
to pick myself and
the needle up
and with new found instant relief

I resolve to reach out
and to play once again
within yesterdays social rounds:
discovering wellness
in the sweetest of sweet conversations

far beyond his Georgia Brownness
and today’s wistful uncovering of grief.