Manna from Heaven

Manna from heaven

Manner of god

Manifold witness

Womb of my heart

Feather all my dreaming 

Give me your deep sweet beauty divine

Let me nest within your goodness

Soothe this tired weeping heart of mine.


During the daytime

I’m mostly tangling string

Responsibilites mine

In each and everything

No wonder when I lay down

I coil up like a spring

Lord I so need to unwind from

The knotted way I seem to think .


Blue birds they may shine

And sing from up above

But I seem to have no time

For their Angelic love

Worries of mine keep moving

I cant seem to keep up

Tied up I’m tired and drowning

In a world that never seems to stop.


Childlike Children

Remembering past times

When our children had childlike

Free flowing bold confidence

Unknowing pure innocence

When no fear could constrain them

From sharing unearned gifts

Unseeing the suffering

Where the self critic lives.


Let us begin to believe how

We were once like this child

Let us reconnect right now

With the ease and the power

Let our life courses choose love

Let our voices ring true

Drain doubt from our sweet Hearts

Flooded completely in You.