Joy hides away from those that pace in workaholic mist

and hangs upon the everyday sweet moments as a gift.

She scents the pine trees after rain, ignites the northern star

and knows if hearts can beat the same then She can travel far.


Joy walks soft sand beneath Her feet across the city centre,

She offers love to littered street and sunshine to November.

Joy stands for someone on the bus, confirms they are worthwhile

by promising the lightest touch exhaled within a smile.


Joy is the breath in crinkled leaves, browning in the light

She lets the trawl of seagull breeze catch tears within mid flight.

Joy creates the daydream nest, where life and soul pretends

a childish state with lemon zest and imaginary friends.


Joy steams the lilacs in my bath, oils incense on my back

She mixes warmth from open hearth with ice cubed whiskey mac

then with fresh sheets upon my bed She takes me down to lie

and drifts my tired and aching head on waves of ‘Sailing By’.

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