It is now exactly one year since I started this blog.

It began as an experiment to see if I could distil some of my daily journals into readable form. (For the last 13 years these journals have just been written for my eyes and my sanity). These 70 odd posts are the first concerted effort to share my mumblings and ponderings with others.

Although these posts are mainly offered as a practical way of me letting go, I am none-the-less touched and thankful for the number of views and for the gentle trickle of ‘likes.’

I also feel honoured to have had 18 other souls on this earth follow my output at different times over the past year.

As I don’t have any other on-line or social media accounts or presence, I am constantly surprised that my blog posts actually find their way to anyone at all.

Your encouragement has been and is appreciated and noticed. Thank you very much indeed.