Glow garbed flame

And I read further that long ago ‘souls collect atoms of radiance‘ and that ‘glow, garbed with a flame came’ to the lips of a Persian poet. And that now humankind dreams to transform and connect again in metaphor through mountainside and monastery with candle, match and lamp at hand.






omega with alpha,

forgiveness in flower,



day screamed

intrusions of

anxious overspill,

nourishing Anima,

candle in my dream,

enlighten embers in me

Into the silence

into the silence

of your still small voice

out from my wilderness

I rejoice

outpouring spaciousness

leaves no choice

but to bathe in the loveliness

of harmony and poise.

spread out before us

this alchemy’s pouring

into anima animus

melting and reforming, yes

each and every one of us

each and every on is love.

What we believe in

we weave into actions

what we’re receiving

we feed on and store

we outwardly mirror

our inward reflections

so shine out your love light

from every pore.