into the silence

of your still small voice

out from my wilderness

I rejoice

outpouring spaciousness

leaves no choice

but to bathe in the loveliness

of harmony and poise.

spread out before us

this alchemy’s pouring

into anima animus

melting and reforming, yes

each and every one of us

each and every on is love.

What we believe in

we weave into actions

what we’re receiving

we feed on and store

we outwardly mirror

our inward reflections

so shine out your love light

from every pore.

2 thoughts on “Into the silence

  1. Hey Glenn,

    Hope you are well.

    Just wanted to thank you for the way you have been such an encouragement with your writing.

    I have recently been exploring spoken word and writing with more poetic language.

    Hope you are keeping well my friend

    God bless Mark

    Ps This is what I have been working on this year.

    Kindest regards Mark Cuthbert


    1. Hey Mark
      How lovely. I have been thinking about how to keep in contact with you and the others on the huddle.
      Great to know you have been stretching into your poetic self.
      I will look forward to reading your rocket fuel address. Thank you for reaching out and sharing my friend.


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