And I whisper softly

And I whisper softly

Youre welcome

Breathe lightly to transform please

This human heart flesh, breath and bone

Show me a way beyond whats my way

And within these times unfold

Fresh pathways through lifes mysteries

And guide this spirit home

Yahweh welcome.

For I am scrolling more, engaging less

Consuming by the score

While refusing to digest,

I see anothers flaws

And ignore the consequences of my choices

Youre welcome

Roll back my stone

Remake a home within me

Yahweh come

Whisper again

On winds of change restore me

For I whisper softly you’re welcome

Upon wings of change restore me

As inch by inch I move along

Sweet Love please run towards me.

And within Your pace unfold

Fresh pathways through lifes mysteries

And guide this spirit home

Yahweh come.

The more harm I do, the less calm I get

Wading through life’s courses

Immersed in living, I forget

How deep and wide your Loving voice is.

You’re welcome

Make me your song

Refresh and breathe within me

Yahweh come

Make me your home

With love filled hope complete me

My livin'
Yahweh come.

Yahweh has come

Before I whisper softly Yahweh comes.

Pan Ten Pro Vee

After taking stock of my hair line,

skin and inner harmonious balance within my local Boots Pharmacy I finally saw the light:

Oh happy me, for you are there for us

Right now in this new balding light of day, and all I can say

Is I feel so jolly, blinking Regenerous.


Ha ha and Glory-be, for now there is no denying

My Lord Pan Ten Pro Vee,

That you are truly, scientifically, age defying.

And so I pray to all your saints in their wrinkling disguise

I praise, ‘Oily Yu Lay’ to your Pentapeptides

For You let me rise and flow to be, me.

To be radically free

To activate in jollops and dollops of refilled truth

The Total Effect 7 of my Liposome-ic youth.


You see, a long long time ago for true

All I really knew was that yellowed cream sludge,

In a pot, that quietly grew dust upon my bathroom cabinet top.

Until once a year its Vaseline slug would ooze thick and smear upon

Chap and crack and spot and that was it, a simply sticky sludge-cream solution

To paste on my face post ablution.

But oh oh happy me I’m now saved in a new and evolving trinity

Of Nutriluim, Regenerum and Pan Ten Pro Vee


Yes                  Yes                         Yes


Nutrillium, Regnerum and Pan Ten Pro Vee.


But low, behold and oh blige me to this ever increasing changing flux,

For now what stirreth in yonder bright green box?

Not Niva-Quo 10 for my anti frizz lox?

But yes my friend and plus plus for it truly beggars all belief

Only a Deepening Real Joy of 7,927 Tingling Mint-leaf

To moisten and expand my Original Source of heaven

My Omega 3

And of course silly me

My Fully Proactivated VO of 7.


All change if you please, my brows, my pout, my gait, my OM

Re-grout, Re-lift my face my bum

And firmly take me in your hand, Rehydrate, Re-perfect, nay Drama Clean

All my Q10 Plus,

Nutragene all the Naicin 3 inside of me

All my SP15, Keratine, Pro-Enhancing Vitamin D


Yes           Yes                        Yes


Fibro fill me so I can sprout deeply within

Your gushing rushing media flush of Liquid Germaneering



Oh happy Caffeine lightweight me,

You Multi-effect my anxiety

You Equaderm, Pro-firm and soothe away

My Facial Burn and Razor Cut

In Guava, Argon, Cashmere Carbon, Pure






For as you say, you even work from the very first use

And that’s a very handy trick to have my son

You can Propolis me in your 3 minute Pro-Retinal

Honey Bee Juice

All day long.

Until I come to sleep and you night night me

Until you Nivea-Barricade all of my fatigue

And so so sensitively validate all my dreams in

Iceronic Grape Night Creams.


And so to sleep, to worry and perspire

Within the secret fantasy that I could retire

And dare escape your ever increasing spell.

For can’t you see and can’t you tell

Don’t get me wrong

My new every moment Omni-Portioned Silver Serum,

But for true, you could release me,

For you knew, you had me at

Pan Ten Pro Vee all along.’


And so sleep I do until the mourning kingdom come:

‘Aloe Vera,’

‘Allo my Gold Tantastic son.’


Fifth Mindfulness Training: Nourishment and Healing

‘Aware of the suffering caused by unmindful consumption, I am committed to cultivating good health, both physical and mental, for myself, my family and my society, by practising mindful eating, drinking and consuming……I am determined not to try cover up my loneliness, anxiety, or other suffering by losing myself in consumption.’

Oh yes, I temporarily forgot (again).