as I sit

fogginess fumbles and sages profess bland

magnificence upon unclear shafts

that enlighten darkness with out

and offer deliverance within.

untamed, infinite, un-chartered glimpses

and likeness to these reported experiences is all.


Right now, unravelling blankly

in this shifting stillness I maroon

upon the plumpest cushion of nothingness

while hunger and thirst ignite the yearn

and burning embers agitate for

peace filled light.


thoughts laid down once and again

draft worries for wings

attempting to glide so far beyond

this intricate stack of ego and story and sense and

this senseless fluttering so often immerses

the purest of breath into such whining

defining nasal pretence, and yet.


still here I sit,

vainly thrusting trust forward to

pointless bottomless shining pit

to intimate flow so distantly familiar

that shakily, as if to drown in waves

of loveliness I wash the wish

that Love becomes my watering bowl

and I become the fish.